28 November 2010

The House of Dolls

That night mare was a night marred.
Black as coal and coal was charred
Leaving hearts so flat and hard
Oblivious to the thing you scarred.
Let you in let your full reign ring
Well my freedom was lost when I heard death sing
Your little puppet, doll or fling
But only to you I knew how to cling
Little girl little girl
Little girl in a big big world
Found the oyster but lost the pearl
Found the beauty but lost the curls.
I was your favorite when you needed fun
Nowhere to hide, I better not run!
How was I to know the color of the sun?
When my house was the very thing it seemed to shun.
Dress me up and make me pretty
Plan my whole day and design my city
Oh on me don’t you take pity
Just control me; your little itty bitty kitty.
Aren’t you glad my mouth glued shut?
That your hands controlled my legs strut
Baby make me anything BUT
You pierced me right inside my gut.
And then. I saw what they called light
Never seen it but knew I was right
Took me away and on new heights
This little doll took an enormous flight.
I’m Sorry for my bad behavior
And for leaving all my plastic neighbors
I am done with all this boxed in labor
Gone to live with my Lord and Savior.