25 July 2010

Who is God?

Today one of my good friends asked me a question I never really thought about. He asked me my opinion on answering unbelievers questions about who God is. And I was speechless. Of course I know who He is in my life, and I have a testimony to prove it. But who is He in a sum of words? Me being a young Christian, both figuratively and literally, I am no expert, and I did not want to give the wrong information. So it got me thinking. If someone were to ask me today, Who God was, would I have an answer...A perfect answer? The answer? No, I wouldn't. I can talk about him on my facebook, write these posts all day long 24/7..but if I have no answer for it..it is meaningless. So I have decided to change the blog. I will still post my poems, but It will be along the lines of my journey on finding out who God is. I will be as a scientist doing research, acting as a child finding out the intimacies of his Father. God is someone who I know that even through spending eternity with Him and getting to know Him better, I still won't grasp His fullness. But if I could just get a taste it would be a start for my hunger. So until next time.
God Bless,


24 July 2010

A letter to my generation

Sooooooooo latley I have been frustrated with alot of things that have been stemming from this world:Exspecially my generation. I know I am not one to talk because I am in NO position to judge. But the Word of God tells us that we need to clean up (I am paraphrasing) our act so that when we evangelize and tell others about the goodness of Christ, we are not telling people something we should be doing OURSELVES. I admit, I am nowhere near where I need to be in my spiritual walk. But I just thought that I would write a letter to my generation, to me as well...

A letter to my Generation
I am going to hurt someone’s feelings when I say this
But in a field of lilies a thorn tree has sprout.
It has sparked a fire inside me that cannot be contained
So excuse me while I try to put it out.
I unwillingly discern your ways
And I have come to find disappointment.
You’d rather be greeted with the kiss of a harlot
Then be greeted with the anointment.
You call someone your sister
But you deceive her behind her back.
You call someone your brother,
But there is no kin; that my friend you lack.
Who are you to appoint yourself a king,
Acting as the sun when it rains?
When you are as lowly as the clay beneath the earth,
And your words are as lethal as your cocaine.
If I am indeed in the presence of royalty,
Then your forgiveness I must ask.
But I highly doubt I’m wrong,
So permit me to finish this task.
To my sisters, my tears fall rapidly
When I see you attention hungry beasts.
Your work amongst the sheep of the land
Has continued and not yet ceased.
You look at me with fierce eyes,
Hating me without knowing me.
Instead of standing side by side,
You use your sword against me.
And why do you willingly display your temple,
For every man to see?
Why are you the subject of your curves,
Being as deceiving as a raw honeysuckle tree?
You are more than the layer of skin,
That hides the spirit inside of you.
Your worth is more than your garments,
That clings to your frame like glue.
And to the sisters of the church,
You lack a good thing
When you gossip late at night,
Until the Sunday morning church bells ring.
You ask God to bring you a prince,
Someone who will save the day.
Yet you neglect the one true savior,
Who will remain after all men decay.
And my heart yearns for my brothers,
Who are soon destined to rule,
You are naïve in every way
And you treat me like a tool.
You desire to control everything with a skirt,
Wanting to grasp it in your hand,
Yet you cannot control your own children,
You are far from a real man.
Instead of using the mighty one,
As your bread and true consoler,
You decide to guide your train,
With the newest game controller.
You take the lives of the innocent,
Using that fatal gun,
You occupy so many of the jails,
Because when problems come you run.
And to my “Holy” brothers,
The ones who think they have it all locked,
I honestly have no words,
Except be not deceived God is not mocked.
I say all these things,
Not to bash or hate
But I say it as your sister,
Before it is too late.
So I will not sit Idle
Nor will I delay
To spread awareness among you people,
So all I do is pray.
I myself am not perfect,
That I confess I lack.
But there is one that I know of,
Who will always have my back.
My sisters and my brothers, I hope this letter gets to you soon,
Before the next thorn tree begins to bloom.

Persistant Cross

I wish my faith would move mountains. Here's a poem I wrote a few months ago inspired by the biblical story of the gentile woman who persistantly asked Jesus to heal her daughter and on a count of her faith, He healed her:

Persistant Cross
I am the Gentile, the sole depiction of the one on fire for him.
Righteousness was soiled from the day I was spoke into existence.
No justification for eternal life, no not one.
Groveling in mud I stretch out a tattered hand
To whom I am not worthy of a glimpse
No, Not one.
Seemingly upon deaf ears I cry out to.
Frantically continue to yell out to him
Heighted the volume of my request until it reached its maximum,
And yet silence greeted my ears.
Bystanders scoff at me. His followers question my animation.
Yet no reply from the one I thirsted for.
On all fours I am leveled to the canine
And not in the mission of he who saves all.
His food is for his children.
I bellow to my Lord, pleading for underserved grace.
An undeserved blessing.
For a mongrel like I.
For when I witness the seed drop from the fruit, I plunge.
And the one who saves granted me grace,
For persistence
And it was done.

21 July 2010

Drinking Grass

I sat near my window pane gazing at my favorite part of nature, the rain. Ever since I was a little girl I loved the rain, from the way it changed the color of the sky, to the way the soothing sound would calm my soul. Every time it would rain felt a sense of peace and that God was near. Contentment. I felt stable and safe in my room as the trees swayed back and forth. I could be satisfied with this moment for weeks and not move. Rain ends, sunshine comes back, and so does the stress. I know I have it all twisted but that's the way it has always been. As a human I am always thinking about my selfish needs and wants. I remember me and my brother constantly badgering my mother about what we were going to eat for dinner every day, knowing she had just got off of a long grueling day at work. But what did I care? Human as I am, I am naive. I am no rich person, but compared to the million's of God's children who don't have homes or food, I am very well off. Just being selfish yet again. Still, I would daydream about fancy clothing and material possessions that I thought would make me invincible(Told you I was naive.) It was recently when I felt the gentle tug of my Lord and Savior telling me to stop worrying about such things. Matthew 6:31-33 says, "So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?'For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." So what does that mean? It means that God knows all of our needs and he will provide if we just trusted in Him. I felt like the pagans He described. Ugh. It was a blessing to be alive, let alone have things I did not deserve. My health is a continued praise and a daily answered prayer! I smiled to myself as I looked out my window once more. The grass was wet from the rain that had passed, looking calm and replenished. God provided for the grass which does not sin or have salvation...so how much more will He provide for me? Well, I am finding that out each and every day.