26 September 2011

To Whom it May Concern

Do I use love in vain?
Not only its body, but its perfect name?
I used love as an adjective of the feelings
That had me on my knees kneeling
Crying to the Lord, tears not concealing
And my want for you was submissively revealing.
You taught me real pain
Like the beginning of a hard rain
That never ceases and keeps the slain, slain.
There was never a lust,
Maybe in the beginning but really trust,
That my desire now is to know your heart beat
And to recognize it when it beckons me.
Your eyes are soft and your words are sweet.
It’s like every day is the first time we meet.
The physical distance has never been able to stop
The ticking of my hearts biological clock.
I am only a woman, but my love is tough.
You’re just a man, but are these words even enough?
To make you feel the same
To make you want the same.
It’s like I’m stretching my hand out to no reply
And you’re watching but you can’t seem to comply
Is my love for you in vain?
Is your heart rightly mine to claim?
I am in a period of waiting,
For confirmation, or a bad heart breaking.
Please inquire the presence of the King,
I’m weak in the core and He’s asked me to sing.
Take my place and ask Him for me.
I am too tired and our future I cannot yet see.


  1. Is this for someone that took u out for Chinese

  2. noooo it's not! Tiff this is beautiful though!

  3. This is the most beautiful poem.....I told u that u were better than me...

  4. It's for every woman who feels vulnerable and tries to act tough but she isn't.