06 September 2010


Sometimes I wonder If God Cries.

The arms of the winds hugged every surface of my body
As a thick sheet of gray overlaps all the lands.
They covered me, breathing cold air onto every part of me,
With the book of life opened in shaking hands.
The clouds came out from hiding,
And greeted the lowly earth.
Nature danced at the winds request,
As the skies began to give birth.
The words of Psalm 139 hit me,
And each syllable equaled one tear that I would cry
As my tears were reversed to the heavens
Not a surface of anything was dry.
I secretly pondered to myself
Could you be experiencing this too?
Would there be streaks of water racing down the holy scarlet cheeks,
Could you do something I never knew?
Then I thought of Lazarus
Oh how you mourned
Oh how your love was shown trough a simple human act.
How your heart was shaken and torn.
Reminiscence of how you suffered
Strung up on that high wooden cross,
I thought of the father’s great pain
As he received a momentary loss.
Would he not have cried?
When he covered that land in Black?
When the earthquakes shook the once still grounds,
Because of his son, who he temporarily lacked?
We were in sync with every drop.
Every pitter every patter
The tears had one destination
And their owner, it did not matter.
You lifted my head
To see your glory as the rain ceased.
And I closed the book of life,
As both our tears were released.

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  1. Wow...ur words are so amazing great job this was a blessing...