22 September 2010

Poem: Someone hasn’t cried today

Sometimes I just need Him to break me.

Someone hasn’t cried today

You should have felt the knife when it pushed through your back,
But I guess numbness comes with blindness.
I wish I could just shake the life inside of you,
And tell you all of your mistakes.
You have no idea how much it pains my heart
When those fowl words come from your lips,
When you have no respect for me or anyone around you.
You sit there high and mighty, apathetic to your surroundings.
You neglect my character,
And give free entrance to the wolves of the world.
You are blind to their hunger,
How they want you dead.
Oh how they want to kill you!
My friend, hear my words
I come in concern.
My heart breaks into two pieces,
But I am not worried,
Because if there was a way,
I would give you the other half,
So you could have some sort of love,
Some sort of feeling.
If God hear my cries,
I would ask for your deliverance.
You cannot hear me,
But I know he can discern my words through my stutters and tears.
Don’t think I am a perfect straight line,
Because I am a zig zag gone wrong.
There are dark spots on this picture,
But He has painted over them with pristine white.
They come and go,
But he will remain, you see.
Don’t you?
If you will not hear my words,
Then hear the love song he sings to you,
When you cheat on him with many men.
Many, yes they are legions.
Your frown is stapled onto your face,
And you have no remorse,
I cannot wait till the time when you say,
Friend, I have cried today.

1 comment:

  1. Amen Tiffany this is powerful you are truly God's writing tool continue to let God use you because He will use you for someone's breakthrough!!